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Tile flooring room scenes


Tile Backsplashes

Are you considering a tile backsplash upgrade? There has never been a better time to enhance the look of your kitchen or bathroom than now, with the local experts at The Floor Store Carpet One Floor & Home in Denham Springs. We make updating your space easy, with knowledge about all types of tile and a wide selection of tiles to suit your home design. You can transform your space with a tile backsplash upgrade, which is completely customizable for your taste.



Create a Custom Backsplash

Getting the custom backsplash you have always wanted is easier than you think. Rather than a long, drawn-out process, creating a custom backsplash only requires choosing a few different tiles and a design you enjoy. When installation comes, the tiles are laid onto the wall in the design you created and cut to fit in the space. Getting a unique backsplash is just a project away with tile.



Durable Protection

In bathrooms and kitchens that see a lot of wear and tear, it can be frustrating to think of investing in a design feature that might not last. However, tile is constructed using high heat and pressure, making it the ideal surface for bathroom and kitchen backsplashes. Thanks to its construction, tile doesn’t tend to crack or chip easily and protects walls from moisture, spills, and accidents that occur often.


Easy Tile Maintenance

Maintenance is easy when it comes to tile backsplash. Clean up spills or stains when they happen, and wipe down tiles to keep them looking clean occasionally. Stay worry-free knowing that you can scrub hard when necessary because tile is tough enough to handle it. Overall, a tile backsplash is one of the easiest parts of a bathroom or kitchen to keep clean, making it a good investment for both style and functionality.


The Floor Store Carpet One Floor & Home in Denham Springs, LA is proud to provide Backsplash Tile to Livingston Parish, East Baton Rouge, and surrounding areas.

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